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Welcome to Oak Meadows Trading Post, your ultimate destination for all things Oak Meadows. Our story began on the Jones family farm in Smith County, Mississippi, a place where lasting life lessons were learned and cherished. In 1985, my father acquired the land that would become Oak Meadows, and it was here that the foundation of our heritage was laid. As we reminisce about our journey, we invite you to share in the tradition that shaped our mornings – the comforting ritual of savoring a morning brew in our handmade coffee mugs. These mugs are not just vessels; they embody the memories of cherished family moments. Start your day in grand style, and let each sip evoke the warmth and love that Oak Meadows has come to symbolize. Join us on this nostalgic journey as we present to you our exclusive collection of handmade coffee mugs. Cheers to treasured traditions!

Craftmanship And Legacy​

Craftmanship and legacy

Exquisite craftmanship meets cherished legacy. Our mugs are meticulously handcrafted, embodying generations of tradition and authenticity. Elevate your daily ritual with a piece of our family's heritage.

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Timeless Elegance

Timeless elegance at your fingertips. Each mug is a masterpiece, adorned with the Oak Meadows logo that reflects our rich heritage. Sip from a vessel that marries artistry and sophistication.

Seamless Ordering Experience

Seamless Ordering Experience

Experience convenience like never before. Discover our collection and easily order mugs online. Embrace the seamless journey of selecting a piece of Oak Meadows' legacy from the comfort of your home.

About Oak Meadows Trading Post

Welcome to Oak Meadows Trading Post, your gateway to a world
of timeless treasures. Nestled within the soulful landscapes of Smith County,
Mississippi, Oak Meadows is more than a place; it’s a legacy nurtured by the
Jones family. Rooted in love and steeped in heritage, this hallowed land was
tenderly embraced in 1985, marking the inception of a journey that would
forever shape our family’s values.

Here, amidst the whispering oaks and the gentle embrace of
nature, I forged enduring life lessons that continue to guide me, echoing the
wisdom of generations past. Oak Meadows Trading Post invites you to partake in
this cherished journey, where each handcrafted coffee mug carries the warmth of
our family’s story and the promise of authentic connections. Join us in
savoring the simplicity of life’s pleasures and celebrating the spirit of
unity, love, and craftsmanship that define Oak Meadows.

From our family to yours,


James L. Jones


Handmade Coffee Mugs

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Discover our newest additions, handcrafted with the same dedication and love that defines Oak Meadows. Each piece tells a story, embodying our commitment to heritage and authenticity. Elevate your everyday rituals with our latest creations and savor the artistry in every sip. Explore the essence of Oak Meadows in our freshest offerings. 

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