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The Jones Family Creed

We, the members of the Jones family, stand united by a timeless creed that guides our lives and shapes our character. We embrace integrity as the foundation of our actions, holding ourselves to the highest standards of honesty and ethics. Diligence propels us forward, instilling a strong work ethic that fuels our pursuit of excellence […]

Introducing the Cleopatra

Thinking back on my most treasured childhood moments, I can’t help but recall the affectionate love that my beloved grandmother, Cleo Hamilton, affectionately known as Madear, always shared.   As I ventured beyond the confines of home, I discovered a remarkable truth: Madear’s presence had left an indelible mark on the lives of countless souls she […]

OMTP Vision Statement

Vision Statement: At Oak Meadows Trading Post, our vision is to become a global symbol of cherished moments and enduring connections, crafted one exceptional coffee mug at a time. We aspire to be recognized as a premium brand, where handmade artistry and heartfelt values converge to elevate the coffee-drinking experience. With unwavering dedication, we aim […]