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Introducing the Cleopatra

Thinking back on my most treasured childhood moments, I can’t help but recall the affectionate love that my beloved grandmother, Cleo Hamilton, affectionately known as Madear, always shared.   As I ventured beyond the confines of home, I discovered a remarkable truth: Madear’s presence had left an indelible mark on the lives of countless souls she touched. She was renowned for her culinary artistry, with pound cakes that captivated taste buds and culinary skills that mesmerized all who tasted her creations. But beyond her culinary prowess, Madear’s infectious laughter would fill the room, leaving everyone around her with a smile on their face and warmth in their hearts. Her hospitality and genuine care knew no bounds, and it was a testament to her character that so many cherished her company. In an era before social media, Madear connected with others through heartfelt efforts, forging genuine friendships that lasted a lifetime. What struck me most was the profound love and authentic relationships she shared with each of her grandchildren – a treasure we cherished deeply. As time passed, I came to realize that the depth of love we experienced through Madear’s embrace was truly extraordinary, a rarity in this world. Today, as we honor her memory, we celebrate the legacy of love she left behind, forever imprinted in the hearts of all those blessed to have known her. This coffee mug is dedicated to my grandmother.

Introducing the “Cleopatra” – a masterpiece born from love and inspired by the cherished memories of our beloved Madear. This exquisite handmade coffee mug is a heartfelt homage to the warmth, hospitality, and unconditional love that my grandmother, Cleo Hamilton, brought into our lives. The carefully chosen colors, mirroring Madear’s radiant skin tone and her cinnamon-hued hair, beautifully intertwine with the iconic Oak Meadows logo, symbolizing the place where lasting life lessons were learned and cherished. With each sip from this mug, you will experience the embrace of Madear’s genuine love and hospitality. As you start your day with a morning brew in grand style, let this tribute mug, the “Cleopatra”, be a constant reminder of the profound love and lasting legacy she bestowed upon us. Cheers to honoring the remarkable woman who forever remains in our hearts.