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The Cleopatra Signature Coffee Mug

Meet ‘Cleopatra’, an exquisite 16 oz. coffee mug that honors the memory of our beloved Madear. Crafted with love, this handmade masterpiece is a heartfelt tribute to her warm hospitality and boundless love. Each sip from this mug offers the embrace of Madear’s genuine warmth and unforgettable legacy.



Introducing the “Cleopatra” – a masterpiece born from love and inspired by the cherished memories of our beloved Madear. This exquisite handmade 16 oz. coffee mug is a heartfelt homage to the warmth, hospitality, and unconditional love that my grandmother, Cleo Hamilton, brought into our lives. The carefully chosen colors, mirroring Madear’s radiant skin tone and her cinnamon-hued hair, beautifully intertwine with the iconic Oak Meadows logo, symbolizing the place where lasting life lessons were learned and cherished. With each sip from this mug, you will experience the embrace of Madear’s genuine love and hospitality. As you start your day with a morning brew in grand style, let this tribute mug, the “Cleopatra”, be a constant reminder of the profound love and lasting legacy she bestowed upon us.

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